Can I save money by cutting the cord?

Can I save money by ditching my cable or satellite service? – you probably guessed this one – it depends.   .     .


You can definitely save money on your monthly TV bill – if you really want to (are you adequately motivated?). For me, the major sticking point is going to be sports – if you have to watch a significant amount of sports, especially regional/specialty sports, you might be better off with a traditional cable/satellite package. Having said that, there are a number of streaming services (a.k.a., over-the-top, e.g., sling, directTV now, etc.) that are pretty comparable to traditional cable/satellite in the channels they offer; however, only the “skinny” bundles offer significant monthly savings.


Let’s start with a little background. The average US household pays about $100 per month for their pay TV service (some pay up to 3X more – Sunday ticket anyone?). That’s a lot of money, you could cut that to $50 fairly easily, and all the way to $20 (sling’s bare bones option) or even $10 if you can live with netflix and some free over-the-air broadcasts (local channels only). If you really want to save some money on your TV service each month then keep reading, otherwise fire up the DVR and catch up on all those shows that you have been storing for months.   .   .


Saving money on your TV service is kind of a long topic – one that really can’t be covered adequately in only one post. Therefore, I am going to use this post to tee-up the topic and then probably spend 2 or 3 more posts addressing how you can save money in this area and if the savings are really worth the sacrifice/inconvenience?


“57 channels (and nothin’ on)” Bruce Springsteen via Vevo on you tube.



“cut the cord” by Shinedown, video on you tube


“don’t be a casualty, cut the cord”



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