Get promoted – Get a Raise!

Expense management is very important, but some life expenses can’t be avoided – try something different – Earn more money!  I have put together some advice that has served me well in my career – these tips probably line up best for office workers but I still think they apply to most jobs.  I am convinced that employers will recognize ($) valuable employees over time.  Cream rises to the top!  Don’t forget to watch the video at the end (click on the link in the last bullet)


  • Be independent – a valuable employee takes initiative and runs with something but knows when to ask for help/guidance. If you identify a problem, try to take ownership of fixing it and think of solutions, don’t just identify the problem.


  • Be positive – a valuable employee is cautiously optimistic even when presented with something new or difficult.


  • Ask questions – don’t be afraid to ask questions/get guidance about activities that you perform or things that you don’t understand.


  • Ask if a task can be done more accurately, efficiently.   .   . Question the status quo from time to time – just because we have always done it that way doesn’t necessarily make it the best way.


  • Learn something new – volunteer to try something that you are interested in or haven’t been involved with in the past. It will broaden your scope and give you a different perspective. Most employers value well rounded employees.


  • Look forward – find out what it takes to be at the next level. In other words, if you are a junior accountant, review the job description and ensure that you are doing your tasks well, once you have achieved that, look at the job description for an accountant and strive to learn those tasks too.


  • Be a team player – if you are caught up and see somebody who is overwhelmed, offer to help.


  • Be customer centric – think about your internal customers and try to get better. Think about their perspective and seek to improve and/or seek feedback. Some specific examples that I think are useful – answer emails and phone calls within 24 hours, try to sync ( to a certain extent) your schedule with theirs (your internal customers/team members).


  • Expect excellence and be flexible in order to meet customer needs/deadlines.



3 thoughts on “Get promoted – Get a Raise!

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  3. In addition to getting a promotion, don’t forget about negotiating a higher starting salary when you begin a new job. The starting salary your new employer tells you is rarely the the maximum they’re willing to pay. If you’re looking for a place to start, see where you exceed the minimum requirements for the job, and have confidence in yourself. Women tend to negotiate for their starting salary less often than men do. I know it can feel awkward and confrontational, but the stress of a few minutes or a few days is well worth the extra money in your paycheck month after month. Also, the person you negotiate with may not be your supervisor or someone you’ll ever see or interact with again. And even if your negotiations fall short, you’re more likely to regret never trying.


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