My monthly expenses are too high!

Top 5 ideas (plus 5 more bonus ideas) to help you reduce your monthly expenses by over $500 per month! Is that even possible?  I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts it is.       .       .

All these ideas might not apply to your situation, but I tried to choose expenses that you most likely have on a monthly/recurring basis; these are also areas that I have personally saved money (except for stitch fix, trunk club and shoe dazzle – I know, I know   .       .       . that’s just crazy talk!)

1)            Reduce food expenses – reduce eating out, bring your lunch to work, and shop smarter for groceries – try Aldi, Lidl, or Walmart; $300 per month

2)            Reduce heating and cooling costs by using programmable thermostats, fans, as well as a little extra caulk and insulation; $25 per month

3)            Reduce your TV bill – go with netflix and free OTA broadcasts; $90 per month

4)            Swap that expensive whole life policy with a less expensive term life policy; $75 per month

5)            Minimize vacation expenses (Mickey gets paid too much anyhow); $100 per month

5 more bonus ideas, why? because you paid so much for this blog of course

  • Drop that gym membership (you hardly ever use it); $85 per month (ride your bike, workout at home)
  • Drop the monthly security bill – there are better technology solutions that cost less; $20 per month
  • Make coffee at home – stop buying that latte from starbucks! $25 per month
  • Do you really need stitch fix, trunk club, and shoe dazzle? $20 per month
  • You can do without spotify premium and/or apple music – listen to the radio or get the ad supported version of spotify (free!) $10 per month

“Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body” – George Carlin



7 thoughts on “My monthly expenses are too high!

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  3. Parking and transportation. Do you need to take an Uber or could you take the bus or walk? Is it worth taking a parking spot close to where you’re going, or can you park a block away on the free street and walk?

    I also like to use a cost-benefit analysis before I spend money on things. “Is the quality and experience of the $5 gelato worth it, or could I do with buying a half gallon of ice cream at the grocery store?” or “Those earrings are cute! But how often would I actually wear them?”


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