Top 5 personal finance books to read this summer


Don’t stop learning! Read! It’s a life-long pursuit. Most college graduates never read another book after college. Millionaires, on the other hand, read a non-fiction book every month.


See below a list of great books that I have read (I’m actually still reading one of these now).


Top 5 personal finance books to read this summer


  1. The first billion is the toughest by T. Boone Pickens; his biographical account is inspirational – I recall that he was totally broke in his late 60s but changed his mindset and became a billionaire.


  1. Love your life not theirs by Rachel Cruze; I’m actually reading this one now, “life can look pretty good for everyone in your social media feed, but if you look a little closer, you might find some surprises .    .     . credit card bills, student loans, car payments.     .       .   may be crippling some people”


  1. Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan; best book on retirement I have ever read, includes a calculation (based on your situation) of your R:IQ, the unique dollar amount you should save before declaring your financial independence.


  1. Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley; a great read that includes important lessons learned from actual millionaires. See my previous post (hyper-link below) that summarizes the key take-aways from this book.


  1. Complete guide to money by Dave Ramsey; the definitive book to gaining your financial freedom.   Dave takes great Biblical truth and helps you apply it to your financial journey.  A must read for anyone who wants to take control of their finances.



young learn


Honorable mention – 5 more bonus books


Stop acting Rich by Thomas Stanley; good follow up to his book the millionaire next door – focuses on cars and houses, two of my weaknesses.   .    .


Debt free living by Larry Burkett; Larry Burkett was the original inspiration for me to write this blog. I got to see him in person when he came to Charlotte (many years ago, before his passing)


Master your money by Ron Blue; really a hands on workbook from Crown Financial; associate of Larry Burkett back in the day.


Getting back to even by Jim Cramer; good introduction to the stock market and how to invest your “mad” money.


Smart money, smart kids by Rachel Cruze; a must read if you are a parent!


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