I am a Christ follower, this affects every aspect of my life and this includes personal finance.  I truly believe that many will continue to struggle with their finances until they get their priorities in line with the Bible (I know it worked for me).  Many people try to fill the God sized hole in their heart with other things: money, alcohol, drugs, etc.  – these things are but a poor substitute (temporary high) for a real relationship with the God of the universe!  The God that created the earth, the stars, the galaxy, even you and me.  John 3:16.  I also recommend the book “the case for Christ” by Lee Strobel – I also really enjoyed the movie that is based on the book.  I am a pretty big fan of Dave Ramsey and his quest to help people become debt free.  I agree with that goal.  I have attended his financial peace university and highly recommend that to anyone who has not been.

I like sports (Go Heels! Go Panthers! Go Braves!), visiting the NC mountains, spending time with friends and family, listening to music, watching TV, and reading books. My day job is in accounting. I love to discuss current events, personal finance, politics, business, technology, generational differences and religion.  Feel free to send me ideas about topics you want me to write about, contact me directly at jimmysmoneytips@gmail.com